Laser Skull

Using the services of that involve lasers from the future, I made a prototype acrylic plastic skull for Stupid Devil. Unfortunately I only spent a night working on it, so the top part did not fit at all. Apparently you have to “think” when you make these things. Well, it made a great coaster for my coffee cup anyway. Regardless of this hick-up, it’s really exciting to see work you do in 3D. 

I think my fascination with illustrator products such as toys, skateboards and whatnot is timed well to the emergence of some very exciting new technical advancements. Laser cutters are becoming more available, 3D printers are surfacing with higher and higher prototyping capabilities and there is a surplus of internet services that can provide (somewhat decent) printed products. It’s an exciting time, and I will certainly be focusing my efforts on this the next few years. I started this last year when I began learning 3d CGI, a vital part of product development. If you can provide a digital prototype that is literally rendered to look completely photo-realistic, your chances of convincing companies, investors and customers increase by tenfolds. Not to mention that your portfolio will look gorgeous as hell too… 

So I welcome 2008!
Prepare to be conquered by a man with a monkey on his head! (me) 

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