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Smirk About Fire Monkey Skin Video Review

Check out this video review of my iPhone 4 skin featuring my Fire Monkey character. This guy really LOVES the Fire Monkey! Really fun to see something I’ve designed be reviewed like this. Thanks to Blunty3000!


SSD vs. Hard drive in a Mac Pro

To get a little more speed out of my Mac Pro from 2006, I decided to upgrade my system harddrive to a Corsair 128 GB SSD Performance disk. I had heard that SSD drives could boost system performance by quite a great deal, and wanted to try it out. At 500 USD, it was a bit pricey, but worth a shot. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a new Mac Pro anyway.

Installation was super easy. The drive is 80 grams in weight, and pretty tiny. I just put it inside my Icy Dock 2.5 SSD to 3.5 SATA drive converter, flipped the cover down and swoop. It was connected. I screwed it onto the Mac Pro’s hinge and it was ready to go. I initialized it in OS X, and just ran an OS X install directly to the drive. Easy.

Shut-down/Boot up time:
To get this 100% accurate, I decided to use the restart function to gauge boot times. Basically this also shows how much time the computer uses to shut down and then restart.

Standard harddrive: 1 minute 26.6 seconds
SSD harddrive: 26.7 seconds

Application start-up time:
I also did a test of how much different the application startup time was between the two harddrive types.
All running Snow Leopard, no plugins installed.

Adobe Photoshop CS5
Harddrive: 22.6 seconds
SSD: 4.4 seconds

Adobe Illustrator CS5
Harddrive: 21 seconds
SSD: 5 seconds

Adobe After Effects CS5
Harddrive: 35 seconds
SSD: 29.9

Autodesk Maya 2011 64 bits (1 plugin)
Harddrive: 30 seconds
SSD: 8.3 seconds

As you can see, some of these apps launch at incredible speed on an SSD drive compared to a standard SATA harddrive. Maya actually takes 22 seconds longer to start on that drive. So far, this is looking like a very good upgrade to my Mac.And it worked a lot better than the voodoo curse I tried putting on it last week.

So to sum up:
Superior SSD Technomonology 1 – Voodoo 0.

KARVT x HelloBard Macbook skin

KARVT just released my artist series Macbook Skin. Laser etched onto authentic fine quality wood, ready to attach to your Mac for $50.KARVT is the product of my friend Kurt Barbee and his business partner/designer Sean Herman. Truly quality products, made with great finesse.

Buy one here:

I am not entirely sure how my Pirate Pandas became “Ninja Pandas”, but that’s cool 😉

Spotify Invites

I’ve got a bunch of Spotify Invites up for grabs, so feel free to use one or give it to a friend:

New invites: