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Bard’s Showreel 2011

I have collected the motion graphics work I have done the last 3 years into my first showreel. I’m aiming my career towards this field, and hoping to be doing a lot more of it in the next years. It’s an exciting field where you get to play with illustration, animation, 3d and design on almost every project.

The introduction was made entirely in Maya with V-Ray as the rendersystem. The details in the floor came out phenomenally. The material is actually a carpaint shader with a displacement map extruding the details. The rigid dynamics came out pretty nice too. I had intended to have a more detail simulation, but I had to let it go in order to get it done.

My Bomber Kid character got another appearance too… I think it’s time I modelled some more 3d character with a full rig, this guy is everywhere now!


Norwegian Opera

OperaenI got to direct and design four idents for the Norwegian Opera House’s new website which was a very exciting project to be on. We greenscreened an opera singer, two ballet dancers and a violinist and added motion graphics to the mix. The full-screen video on the site makes it look just perfect… Have a look for yourself!