Jack and Joe for the iPad and iPhone

After over 6 months of seriously hard and silly work, we’ve finally released our interactive children’s book for the Apple iPad and iPhone!

Wow, it’s been so much work you wouldn’t believe it! Even if we chained you to a chair for nearly a year and spelt it out for you, you STILL would not believe us.
My brother Odin has spent every hour available on learning Objective-C and the ways of the Xcode. I have drawn endless amounts of huskies and blonde haired kids. And bees. Lots of bees. Dancing bees too. The cute kind. And we’ve hit every roadblock imaginable from pesky sound bugs, to the most evil bug of them all. The Memory Bug that crashes your app. But we squashed them all, and we got it through Apple’s rigorous review system.

It’s a great sense of accomplishment to have made both a children’s book (which has always been a dream of mine) and to have something real on these fancy new digital toys. We really hope everyone out there likes it!

Jack and Joe is out now, and you can get for $2.99 at the App Store.

Check out the fancy promo site here!


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